March Madness, Indeed.

Wow, what a great month that March has been for Platte River Roofing!  In past years, we have often had to put roof work on hold as numerous snowstorms often bring accumulation.  The only pro about spring snow in the Front Range means it gave us an excuse to go skiing mid-week.  🙂  Not in 2015!

We will not complain about the madness surrounding the amount of work that we have been given this winter.  We love it!  Over the past few weeks, we have been given the opportunity to work all over the Greater Denver area.  Check out the pictures below to see a couple of the builds that we have been working on throughout March.  As usual, if you  have any questions or concerns about your roof, gutters, etc., give us a call at 720-254-1462.




Until next time,

The Platte River Roofing Team