Wind Damage – To file or not file an insurance claim?

Wow, what a windy, mild February in the state of Colorado! We have heard much confusion among our customers, new and old, about wind damage.  We cannot stress enough the importance of determining whether or not to file an insurance claim in regards to wind (or any) damage.


As much as we would love to repair a customer’s entire roof each and every time, we ethically know that it is often a small repair that will cost the customer less than an insurance deductible to fix. The Front Range windstorms, especially the Foothills, have caused significant damage all winter.  Of course, some of these properties have required full insurance claims.  More times than not, we hear of customers being told by other companies to “file a claim.” Rather than file a claim, our best advice would be to have us come out to the property, determine the type of damage, and go from there.

Please call us today to let us know how we can help you.





2016, that’s a wrap!

As the year comes to a close, we cannot thank our customers enough for allowing us the opportunity to continue to serve the Colorado region with roofing replacements and other necessary repairs that often come with it.

Platte River Roofing worked as far south as Pueblo, as north as Fort Collins, as east as Bennett, and as west as Vail this year!  The state has seen wild weather this year with wicked wind storms, huge hail balls, record cold temperatures this month, and even tornadoes in some regions.

As 2017 begins, please remember to give us a call if you need anything at all.  Do not let the snow and cold temperatures scare you away from receiving roofing advice.  We will continue to repair roofs all winter long, weather permitting.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve the Colorado community and we will continue to be your local roofing company.

Thank YOU!

So Many Shingles, So Little Time.

We get it.  There can be a certain level of stress that develops while picking out a roof.  It is a long-term decision that you will be looking at everyday for a very long time!  Between satisfying potential HOA requirements and understanding the intricate pieces of the roofing contract, it is often difficult for our customers to select a shingle type.

Our dedicated sales team has several years of hands-on experience surrounding various brands of shingles.  Surprisingly, our biggest questions do not surround the true durability, but instead, the aesthetics of a customer’s roof.  We believe that each one of our shingle suppliers provide the best quality product regardless of appearance.

So how do you pick out a roof that you like?  Until a person enters the roofing process, he or she often is unaware at the nearly endless possibilities of roofing material.  Like society, shingles come in all shapes and sizes!  We can guide even the most clueless homeowner to reaching the best decision for his or her property.  We will discuss potential neighborhood restrictions.  We will provide sample boards of our shingle offerings so you can more easily visual how the finished product will appear.  We can even provide you with addresses of past customers’ roofs, so you can go see the options on your own time.

We are here to serve you, and we truly enjoy it!

March Madness, Indeed.

Wow, what a great month that March has been for Platte River Roofing!  In past years, we have often had to put roof work on hold as numerous snowstorms often bring accumulation.  The only pro about spring snow in the Front Range means it gave us an excuse to go skiing mid-week.  🙂  Not in 2015!

We will not complain about the madness surrounding the amount of work that we have been given this winter.  We love it!  Over the past few weeks, we have been given the opportunity to work all over the Greater Denver area.  Check out the pictures below to see a couple of the builds that we have been working on throughout March.  As usual, if you  have any questions or concerns about your roof, gutters, etc., give us a call at 720-254-1462.




Until next time,

The Platte River Roofing Team


Winter-fueled Worries?

After a rough, cold month of February, we are catching up and rediscovering our productive groove.  In a steady game of “catch up,” we happily built roofs everyday this week. We have worked all of the Front Range, as we were in Aurora, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Englewood, and Greenwood Village. These roofs have ranged from dimensional shingles, tile roofs, and a flat roof.

Spring is upon us, and we are excited to continue helping our neighbors repair their homes.  This winter was a tough one on Coloradans, and we have received many calls regarding roof, gutter, and soffit damage from Mother Nature’s precipitation and cold weather.  Feel free to call us with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding the shelter of your home.

As the working week comes to a close, we are excited for a “lucky” weekend! Many of the Platte River Roofing team members will be at the local St. Patty’s Day Parade in Downtown Denver on Saturday.  A few others will be racing the Runnin’ of the Green, the biggest 7k in the United States!

Winter Can’t Hold Us Down!

This wicked winter has certainly put a hold on our queue of projects.  We are looking forward to next week’s warmer, sunnier weather so we can start building again! Although we had an overall tough month of February (holy snow!), we still capitalized on the handful of 70 degree days.

The below images are some of our recent work in the Front Range area. We are still helping Colorado residents whose homes were damaged from the hail storms last summer and fall.  Our team is also handling non-insurance work.  If you have questions about getting a free roof inspection, give us a call or email us at  Just ask!