Wind Damage – To file or not file an insurance claim?

Wow, what a windy, mild February in the state of Colorado! We have heard much confusion among our customers, new and old, about wind damage.  We cannot stress enough the importance of determining whether or not to file an insurance claim in regards to wind (or any) damage.


As much as we would love to repair a customer’s entire roof each and every time, we ethically know that it is often a small repair that will cost the customer less than an insurance deductible to fix. The Front Range windstorms, especially the Foothills, have caused significant damage all winter.  Of course, some of these properties have required full insurance claims.  More times than not, we hear of customers being told by other companies to “file a claim.” Rather than file a claim, our best advice would be to have us come out to the property, determine the type of damage, and go from there.

Please call us today to let us know how we can help you.