So Many Shingles, So Little Time.

We get it.  There can be a certain level of stress that develops while picking out a roof.  It is a long-term decision that you will be looking at everyday for a very long time!  Between satisfying potential HOA requirements and understanding the intricate pieces of the roofing contract, it is often difficult for our customers to select a shingle type.

Our dedicated sales team has several years of hands-on experience surrounding various brands of shingles.  Surprisingly, our biggest questions do not surround the true durability, but instead, the aesthetics of a customer’s roof.  We believe that each one of our shingle suppliers provide the best quality product regardless of appearance.

So how do you pick out a roof that you like?  Until a person enters the roofing process, he or she often is unaware at the nearly endless possibilities of roofing material.  Like society, shingles come in all shapes and sizes!  We can guide even the most clueless homeowner to reaching the best decision for his or her property.  We will discuss potential neighborhood restrictions.  We will provide sample boards of our shingle offerings so you can more easily visual how the finished product will appear.  We can even provide you with addresses of past customers’ roofs, so you can go see the options on your own time.

We are here to serve you, and we truly enjoy it!